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Beer, Food, Travel, Laughs, Best Bars & Restaurants in the World, and a few bad oysters…

The Culinary Love Band bring you the most innovative Food and Drink concepts inspired by adventures around the world!

The Food & Beer Geeks follows restaurateur Brian Patton and Michelin Star chef Peter Zinter around the world while they gather inspiration, meet amazing people and try some of the worlds most exciting food and drink.

One Episode released every Wednesday beginning 1st of July 2015. Season One comprises of 7 Episodes.

Check out their blog at

Follow the adventures of Brian and Peter by subscribing to the YouTube Channel:


Don’t these just make you want to get up and dance?

Mash-up of your favourite Dance Movies

Sassy Toddler does RESPECT

For all kids in the 60s, 70s and 80s…..we made it!

The good weather is having all sorts of effects on people….even making taxi drivers happy. This video is class.

Good advice put to music!

You have been pep talked – Watch Share Dance

Isn’t this little dude so cool? He’s like a mini Obama but way cooler. He’s nine-years old and from Tennessee. Meet Kid President passing on a little encouragement and giving the world a reason to dance. His real name is Robbie Novak and judging from this he’s already making an impact. This video is dedicated to his friend who’s fighting cancer like a boss! So, what are you going to do to make the world more awesome?

In honour of Strictly and Saturday, here’s a kid who loves to dance…meet William Stokkebroe dancing the jive at only 2 years old.

And he’s not just a one trick pony….he can also do the Paso Doble.

Things to make you smile…

Cats love water

You gotta love the reactions!

Say it with Photos

Best of luck to all those running the Dublin City Marathon and remember

Meet Maru, the funny cute cat from Japan with a penchant for boxes. Enjoy!

This made me smile

Danced, edited, directed by Nathan Barnatt with the song – “Something Good Can Work” (RAC remix) by Two Door Cinema Club. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Obama brings out an exercise video.







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