Last week, I received an e-mail from a Dublin startup called Meetingsbooker who are currently running a project called ‘My Favourite Meeting Place’ to discover the best meeting places in Dublin. One of my favourite places has to be the Chester Beatty Library.

It is in the centre of Dublin located in the grounds of Dublin Castle and listed in the Lonely Planet as “not just the best museum in Ireland, but one of the best in Europe”. In order to gain access you walk through the beautiful Dubh Linn gardens which is usually packed on a summers day. This is a lovely place to take a book and relax on a bench or have coffee on the grass with a friend. The museum is completely free and runs great events throughout the year. One of my favourite things to do lately is their monthly Qigong on the Roof Top Garden. The museum houses the collections of mining magnate, Sir Alfred Chester Beatty with a strong focus on the Orient showing his interest in Islamic, East Asian and Western Collections. They are always showing interesting exhibitions. Their beautiful Silk Road café with its middle-eastern dishes is also worth checking out.

It’s definitely worth checking out – don’t just leave it for the tourists.

Are you holding your breath again?

RHODES is a British musician, singer and songwriter. This single is taken from his EP ‘Home’. Enjoy!

Don’t these just make you want to get up and dance?

Mash-up of your favourite Dance Movies

Sassy Toddler does RESPECT

Before we were lovers I swear we were friends

Afie Jurvanen (born April 28, 1981), known by his stage name Bahamas, is a Canadian folk musician. Lost in the Light is from his second album Barchords in 2012. Enjoy!

Remember to say thank you to your Mum today and give her a really big hug. Happy Mother’s Day.

Max Zoghbi, filmmaker, made this beautiful short film entitled Wildflower to propose to his girlfriend Bonnie Kate. Bonnie Kate was one of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado Batman shootings in 2012.

Max says, “Much like a wildflower, she is the strongest and bravest person I know with unmatched, unintentional beauty and fragility both inside and out. Choosing to grow and persevere even in the harshest of seasons and circumstances Bonnie Kate shines brightly through the darkness and chooses to accept joy every step of the long, painful and seemingly endless way.”

It is a beautiful story of how love wins out.

Things to make you smile…

Crazy Plastic Ball Prank

This is pretty cool – how much fun does that look? And if you didn’t know, London have just opened an adult-sized ball pit.

Say it with Photos







This is a beautiful story. Love knows no limits and true friendships last a lifetime.

Love wash over me

This is the first track taken from the forthcoming album by Brolin. Enjoy!

Things to make you smile…

Frostbite Boy

This week is going to be a cold one – wrap up well. God you wouldn’t be long getting frostbite!

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