Girl from the Hills is a thirty-something city chick living and working in Dublin, Ireland. A few of the things that make me happy include tea (well what self-respecting Irish woman wouldn’t, Ah go on, go on, go on, go on…!); Blue October and Tom Baxter (their gigs are the equivalent of happy pills); table quizzes (brain training to keep me young); yoga (my body is a temple) and chocolate (yummy). I also love music, photography, and adventures. I love late nights and lazy mornings. I much prefer brunch to breakfast. I hate talking about myself and the question that makes me go mad is any news/gossip? Have been known to chase after bag snatchers well twice in Spain and Italy – not the wisest idea but got the bag back both times. Also have been known to talk people into going miles out of their way because the name of a tourist attraction appeals to me – take note if you’re in Australia, Platypus Rock is not shaped like a Platypus nor do they swim there and for anyone in New Zealand thinking of heading to Jack’s Blowhole, the attraction is not as exciting as the name suggests!

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Apparently though you learn something new every day as Urban Dictionary defines Platypus Rock as “to do something so shockingly awesome that even you are breathless at the prospect of your own awesomeness. Massively impressive”. Think I may start using that. I love to Google – it’s like all the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. My best feature is my hands! I’m more about substance over style. I’m also quite lucky. My dream is to write a novel. This blog is a place to share the joys of everyday life. Too often the world is full of doom and gloom so I am here only to share the happy news and hopefully make you smile.

Hope you enjoy it.