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Don’t these just make you want to get up and dance?

Mash-up of your favourite Dance Movies

Sassy Toddler does RESPECT


After Jimmy announces that The Tonight Show has banned dancing, Kevin Bacon breaks the rules with an epic entrance. Kevin’s still got it. Keep dancing!

In honour of Strictly and Saturday, here’s a kid who loves to dance…meet William Stokkebroe dancing the jive at only 2 years old.

And he’s not just a one trick pony….he can also do the Paso Doble.

A while ago a friend, let’s call her V, shared a story of the reason why she never returned to an aqua aerobics class in her local pool mainly because it involved partner work and as she put it touching strangers. Oh how we laughed – how bad could it be? Surely she has a deep-seated problem stemming from childhood that needs therapy to be put right. Well I wasn’t laughing on Tuesday night when upon entering my Salsa exercise class, our teacher announced instead of our usual solo sessions where we throw ourselves around the floor with gay abandon, we were to partner up and throw perfectly good strangers around the floor for the hour instead. Okay, I say perfectly good strangers which they technically weren’t considering I had been dancing beside them for four weeks previous but did I want to touch them – hell no!

And to make matters worse, the more we danced the sweatier we became – I shudder now with horror to think back on clasping sweaty palms and sweaty backs. Oh dear lord, an hour seems like forever when it is a tortuous exercise. The teacher gleefully shouted out steps while we all grinned maniacally around the dance floor – perhaps everyone else was having fun! I almost danced right out the door at one point but as we had even numbers I think I would have been spotted and wasn’t particularly sure what excuse I could use. And then to make matters even worse, as the class is 100% women, 50% of us had to switch gender and then she got us to switch around – at that point I think I was suffering from gender confusion. Also one woman howled upon seeing me, “How did you get to be the man – sure you’re tiny?”, I nearly went all ninja on her ass. Then she threw in turns to make us feel even more uncomfortable, not a pretty sight having sweaty women of all shapes and sizes shimmy towards you.

To cut a long story short, I discovered that yes I too have an aversion to touching strangers and will never laugh at V again. In fact, we may get a two for one deal on therapy. Now am sure there are some strangers I wouldn’t be averse to touching but that’s another story altogether!

An amateur photographer from Bray has photographed caterpillars doing what appears to be a dance to put off predators. For more photos of the dance, go to the RTE Gallery.








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