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Max Zoghbi, filmmaker, made this beautiful short film entitled Wildflower to propose to his girlfriend Bonnie Kate. Bonnie Kate was one of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado Batman shootings in 2012.

Max says, “Much like a wildflower, she is the strongest and bravest person I know with unmatched, unintentional beauty and fragility both inside and out. Choosing to grow and persevere even in the harshest of seasons and circumstances Bonnie Kate shines brightly through the darkness and chooses to accept joy every step of the long, painful and seemingly endless way.”

It is a beautiful story of how love wins out.


Things to make you smile….

An Epic Love Story

For the day that’s in it. Funny stop motion animated music clip using hand drawn and cut-out elements with cool type effects and a stickman romance. Music by Paul Catts .

Say it with photos…

I love hearing the story of how my parents met. It was January 1968 and my mum was living up in Dublin with three friends including her best friend in a flat in fairview when one night two lads moved into the basement flat below. A big match was coming up and the lads had no TV so asked the ladies if they could come upstairs to watch it and that was that. My mum and dad fell in love and eventually married in the summer of 1970 a year after my mum’s best friend married my dad’s best friend. They are all still best of friends.

Don’t you just love love stories? And this is even better because it has lasted 40 years.

Happy Anniversary folks.







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