On Friday as part of DLR Voices, the author of Bridget Jones, Helen Fielding appeared in conversation with Roisin Ingle in the Royal Marine in Dun Laoghaire. She is in Dublin to promote her new book, the follow-up to Bridget Jones and The Edge of Reason, Mad About the Boy. After a fourteen year break, Bridget is back minus Darcy – a widow at 51 with two children and back on the dating scene getting to grips with a changing world and new technologies. Helen is a very private person but Roisin is a great, bubbly personality and chatted away filling in any gaps and keeping the conversation going. It was an engaging chat about a well-known and much-loved character with her creator. Bridget came about from a newspaper column that Helen was asked to write and she decided on this much-exaggerated version of herself taking inspiration from her university diaries where she used to keep track of calorie counting. She defended killing off Mr.Darcy in that he was too good a person to ever leave Bridget alone with two children and she prefers writing about single Bridget than a smug married Bridget. She also told us of how she had to ring Colin Firth to deliver the bad news. She shared some witty personal stories like the time she sent a mass e-mail announcing the birth of her daughter before she had actually given birth! After the chat, there was time for questions followed by a book signing. Helen was rushing off to appear on the Late Late Show. I for one can’t wait to read Mad About the Boy and follow the hapless Bridget experiences of dating a younger man and being a mother – it’s sure to be a funny read.

Welcome back Bridget.