This is a cute photo of Gisele Bundchen doing morning meditation with her baby daughter.

Last Sunday, I joined about 200 other people for an afternoon of meditation in the Davenport Hotel. It was a free event from the Sri Chinmoy Centre and Dublin Meditation. I was struck by the number of people at the event of all ages and there was a good mix of both male and female.

It was a lovely afternoon of inner peace. It started with an introduction to meditation and some easy-to-follow exercises. Following this, there was some live meditative music performances which was surprisingly soothing and helped get into the zome.

There was a brief break after which their special guest, Ashrita Furman, from New York spoke passionately about how meditation helped him achieve his goal of world-record breaker of the Guinness World Records. He bounced onto the stage quite literally on a pogo stick and told us how his teacher Sri Chinmoy inspired him and taught him the four tools he uses today: 1. Meditation 2. Chanting 3. Prayer 4. Visualisation. His stories of the records he holds were funny and inspiring including pogo-ing up the CNN Tower and across the Great Wall of China, racing a yak in a potato sack and winning; walking miles through the streets of New York balancing a milk bottle on his head and chopping apples with a Samurai sword.

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and came away with a feeling of peace and some tips on how to meditate.The Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre in Little Fitzwilliam Place is holding free meditation classes on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, October 22, 24, 29 & 31 (7.45pm-9.15pm). If anyone if interested, you can register by texting your name to 085-1450880.