The road to happiness is paved with good intentions. Dumb Little Man has provided six simple ways to happiness and I am in total agreement:

1. Throw your negative thoughts into the trash (literally)
If you have pervasive negative thoughts, write them down on a piece of paper, and physically throw them away, or burn them!

2. Use your imagination
Remember childhood, before you were trained to be “responsible?” Exercising your imagination muscle will generate creative ideas, motivate you, and make you happier if you use it well. Happiness is a perspective, and using your imagination is an effective way to alter your perspective to your liking.

3. Stop buying possessions, start buying experiences
Material possessions tend to make us happy initially and then wane off considerably, but the happiness gained from experiences may last a lifetime. If you want to be happier in the long term, consider buying plane or concert tickets instead of a TV or new phone.

4. Give
If you truly want to maximize your happiness, then find ways to give to others. You won’t regret it.

5. Train your brain like a monk
It appears that the monks’ theory on opposite mental factors holds true. They spend so much time thinking of positive things, that negativity and angst are pushed out of their mind, and they become very happy (and I would add, at peace). Another important lesson here is the power of repetition – the brain is wired to form habits, and there’s no reason a generally happy mindset can’t be habit.

6. Focus
One more benefit of focus is that it allows you to live the life you want to live. Focusing your skills and energy on fewer areas is a simple formula that brings big results. The more you focus on what matters, the more your life becomes as you desire, and the happier you’ll be.

Remember we are all masters of our own destiny. One simple tip is to find your passion and follow it. I would also add exercise to the list – nothing beats getting active to switch focus from your mind to your body.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.