Big-headed is what Robbie Williams does best and judging by the number of Robbie heads on display last night on the stage, he was in flying form. Olly Murs was the perfect support warming up the crowd. He’s like a younger version of Robbie. The ‘Take the Crown’ show is amazing and full of excellent and surprising theatrics. From Robbie’s grand entrance zip-lining from on high to the fireworks, he was there to entertain come rain [which it certainly did in bucketfuls] or shine and entertain us he surely did. There was a good mix of new and old to keep us all happy. The visuals and set design were truly spectacular.


Some of my favourite moments included Olly joining Robbie for Kids [he made an excellent Kylie] and Robbie getting a girl out of the audience up on stage for a hilarious serenade that included slow-dancing, spooning and a nod to punch and judy! I also loved his rendition of Minnie the Moocher and his added lyrics – a blokey from stokey. He played all my old favourites. The staging was incredible especially the last song ‘Rock DJ’ complete with glitter Robbie-heads that transformed the stadium into a disco.


Robbie was at his best – back to his cheeky chappy fun-loving self and at times channelling the greatest entertainers of Elvis and Freddie Mercury. Robbie strutted his stuff and danced his way into our hearts. The encore was in true Robbie form a sing-along to ‘Feel’, ‘She’s the One’ and rounded off with ‘Angels’. A full set-list can be found on Capital FM. What a way to kick off his worldwide Stadium tour! You guys are in for a treat.