What a phenomenal gig last night in Vicar Street! Little Green Cars deserve their success which is sure to follow them around. They are great musicians and beautiful harmonists. Just back from a tour around the USA starting in Austin, Texas, they were happy to be home and clearly delighted to be playing to a packed Vicar Street. With their first album, Absolute Zero barely released to rave reviews, it is exciting to see them doing so well. With support by Gypsies on the Autobahn, another Dublin-based band, who were also well received. The lead singer sounds a little like he’s on helium but it’s a pleasant sound.

By the time, Little Green Cars took to the stage, they steal your heart with powerful lyrics and beautiful harmonies. Faye possesses a strong voice that captivates the audience. With a mix of some well-known songs like ‘Harper Lee’, ‘The John Wayne Song’ and ‘Love Took Me Down to the River to Silence Me’ and a few of their newer tunes, they wowed the crowd and their time touring really showed as they are comfortable on stage and very tight as a band. The set really flowed from the more acapella, slower tunes to the upbeat, louder songs, I loved every minute. The encore was a slower, more intimate affair with the band appearing off-stage at the back of Vicar Street. They ended with ‘The Consequences of Not Sleeping’ inspired by Appleby’s father who was in the audience proudly looking on.

As The John Wayne song goes “It’s easy to fall in love, it’s easy to fall in love with you”, it most definitely is easy to fall in love with this band.