I went to see For Love, a dark blue comedy about three women trying to find love in modern day Dublin in the small theatre above a pub known as ‘The Sheds’ in Clontarf. It was my first time in this local theatre and it certainly won’t be my last. It’s a small room but comfortable and well set-up. The play debuted in New York off-Broadway and is on a short tour around Ireland which was financed by the actors themselves. It was written by Laoisa Sexton and stars John Duddy, Jo Kinsella, Georgina McKevitt and Laoisa Sexton. The four actors played their parts to perfection. We have Val who is tired of one night stands and looking for more as long as they are blonde. Then there is Bee who is struggling with the fact she is shortly to become a glamourous granny and also deciding whether or not to hop into bed with a married man. Then there is Tina, unhappily married but with a love for shopping that knows no bounds. Each woman is simply looking for happiness in all the wrong places. It is a play with a lot of laughs and a lot of heart but be warned it is quite graphic in parts.

Due to popular demand there will be an extra show in the Viking Theatre on Sun 5th May. Check out details of how to get tickets by clicking on the website: And if you’re in Galway it’s on the Town Hall Theatre on May 7th and 8th.