Biffy came on stage at 8.30pm (very punctual) last night to a very enthusiastic crowd kicking off with Different People followed by Black Chandelier. The crowd were loving it from the start jumping up and down like crazy jelly beans totally feeding off the energy of the band. Simon Neil was bouncing around the stage like the Easter bunny. The staging and lighting were both excellent adding atmosphere and theatre to the o2. The projections were both literal but brilliant with bubbles for “Bubbles” and fire for “Who’s got a match?”. It also was one of the best gigs I have seen in the o2. Simon Neil totally loses himself in the music and boy has he one hell of a sexy scottish accent. I’m loving the new album, Opposites and they played every single song I wanted to hear from both that album and many of the fan favourites like Many of Horrors, God and Satan, Bubbles and Mountains. They certainly win best live act for me. I loved every single second and am still on a Biffy buzz today. Mon the Biff!

“Baby if you could would you go back to the start? Take any fresh steps or watch it all fall apart, again.”