“I dreamed a dream in times gone by When hope was high And life worth living”

Yes, we’ve done it another week over and done – excellent work everyone. I finally feel like I’m getting back into some sort of a routine. If you haven’t seen Les Mis, get thee to the cinema, it’s awesome. I would totally recommend it and hope that they win a truckload of well deserved oscars. This week the news has been all about horse burgers and HMV. It’s sad to see another business bite the dust – too many losses in this recession. As for the horse burgers, oops a daisy but it did result in many many jokes – you got to love the Irish sense of humour.

So this weekend, I’m off to see Two Door Cinema Club on Saturday with my sister – can’t believe they are now playing the o2, they have come a long way. I’m also hoping to try Bikram Yoga and will of course fit in a few walks with Baxter. Since we got the halti and learnt how to use it properly, it’s like magic having a new and better behaved dog and he’s loving the fact he gets more walks. Apparently snow may be on its way….I hope not but best to be prepared – dib dib dob dob and remember if all else fails there’s always cookies.

Happy Flyday!