Last night was full of shiny, happy bouncing people at Mumford and Sons first gig at the o2 Dublin. It was completely sold out. From the minute the red curtain fell, the four lads were on fire. We caught the tail end of Dawes, an L.A. band who sounded very good. Following that came the most bizarre support act ever in the form of Piff the Magic Dragon. It was like being at a children’s birthday party. A man dressed as a dragon did magic tricks accompanied by his cute little dog, Mr. Piffles. The best bit of the act was the dog moon-walking. Thankfully it didn’t last too long and Mumford arrived on stage at 9pm.

You rarely come across a band who sounds better live than they do on their album but Mumford is one of those bands. As they say themselves “We basically consider the album like an advert for our live gigs. And I find it easier to sing songs over and over if they feel honest, if we feel passionate about them. That’s an important thing: we need to be able to feel what we sing every night, and believe it.” [From: The Guardian] The songs seem to come to life on stage. They started with Babel and ended with a cover of The Beatles classic “With A Little Help from my Friends” joined back on stage by their support acts Post War Years and Dawes as well as Piff the Magic Dragon.

A highlight was “Little Lion Man” which had everyone on their feet. It was good to hear the old favourites as well as the songs from the new album. The energy was amazing and it was one of the best gigs I’ve seen in the o2. It’s hard for a band to interact with the crowd in a large venue but that didn’t seem to faze Mumford. Also special mention for the lighting and stage design guys – the lighting was amazing and the many colours were very pretty indeed! The lads were clearly moved by the reaction of the crowd and told us that we made them feel at home. This was their penultimate gig on a long tour and their enthusiasm and energy hasn’t waned one little bit. Each time I’ve seen them it’s like it’s their first playing the music. Their love for what they do shines through. They finish up for 2012 in London in the O2 on the 18th December before a well deserved christmas break.

[Taken from: Favim]