Where mates bake cakes
Good on Odlums….spotting a trend and jumping on it. Last year, we saw the success of the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) which was so popular that baking made a come back. Now we have the Great Irish Bake Off to look forward to hitting our screens soon and the second series of GBBO is more than half way through already and the Irish guy is looking good albeit with heavy 70s influences! But in the meantime, get your girls/guys together and set up your own Cake Club with Odlum’s help -you get a free cake kit when you register and the website has lots of recipes and downloads available.

Cake Club is a fun way for you and your friends or colleagues to learn how to bake cakes and enjoy the glorious end results.

Get together a group of cake lovers.
•Pick a day that suits.
•A different Cake Clubber bakes each time.
•Everyone tucks in.

Check out the website for further details: