There was a great deal of hype surrounding Thisispopbaby’s second production after ‘Alice in Funderland’ and they were given the added pressure of headlining the Absolut Fringe Festival. Elevator is billed as a celebration, seven bright young rich kids reuniting in a house in the woods gathered for a party with a missing host. We are told the action takes place ‘tomorrow’. We are introduced to the characters and find them to be vacuous, morally dubious, soulless, cocaine snorting, party people! Their ambivalence towards life extends to their sexuality. None of the characters are remotely likeable. Having said that, the actors do a good job and the music is a welcome addition but unfortunately it isn’t enough. It’s all about living in the here and now and not worrying about anything or anyone. It is written to shock, the stories that are told are of a disturbing nature as is some of the action on stage. It is also lacking a plot. The play itself was as vapid as the characters. Johann has disappeared but in the end we failed to care.