Robbie Williams is back and still the ultimate showman. It was worth all the headache and heartbreak over the ticket fiasco because Robbie was on form and put on such an entertaining show as he said no fancy production just him and us! He didn’t disappoint. These were part of a series of intimate gigs and last nights was a special charity gig with all proceeds going to UNICEF (Ireland) and Childline (Ireland).

The last time Robbie played Dublin was at Croke Park in 2006 as part of his Close Encounters tour. After an onstage technical malfunction he promised the crowd he’d return to play a one-off concert and this year he’ll honour his promise. And never let it be said that Robbie is not a man of his word.

There was no support and Robbie was scheduled to come on stage at 8pm although we had an anxious wait as he didn’t actually come on stage till 8.30. His baby is due any moment – he said he thinks he’ll be a father this week. Our taxi driver on the way in told us he had just heard breaking news that the gig was cancelled as his wife had gone into labour. We believed him until he told us he was joking! Robbie kicked off the show with Let Me Entertain You and proceeded with some of his greatest hits including Rock DJ, She’s the One and Kids as well as some by other artists like George Michael’s Freedom. He only played two of his new songs, Candy, his new release and he ended with Losers, an acoustic ‘country and western type’ of song dueted with one of the backing singers. Of course we were treated to the one that started it all off Angels during the encore.

He shook his booty to rival both J-Lo and Beyonce. He was witty with lots of banter – telling the audience stories about his past and interacting with fans who queued since early that morning to gain a spot up front and central. He read their banners and flags. He pointed out one woman wearing unofficial merchandise and promised her two t-shirts which he delivered. He also told fans to leave a message under the YouTube Candy video and he would read them later that night. He is about to be a daddy and told us if the mobile in his pocket vibrated should he stay or should he go? following that by the Clash’s song of the same name. He told us he will daddy dance from here on in and treated us to some moves including break dancing and press ups.

Robbie Williams’ new album ‘Take the Crown’ is released Nov 5 and judging from last night, he will be back to start the new era of Robbie.