Well now’s your chance, all thanks to Fingal County Council and their goat project. It’s time to bring out your inner Heidi or Peter!

One of my good friends, Deborah Tiernan is Fingal’s Biodiversity Officer. I have oftentimes envied the freedom of her job especially when I get text messages from her from Howth head on a sunny day while I am chained to my desk. And her job always sounds so much more interesting with all these projects ranging from hosting Biodiversity awareness days, educating children about biodiversity, reopening the Howth pathways, releasing Red Kites , protecting rare flowers, appearing on RTE’s Tracks and Trails and now it’s the turn of the goats.

Three goats have been released on Howth Head just outside Dublin as part of an experiment to conserve heathland. The plan is that the goats’ grazing will stop the heathland growing out of control and keep out species such as birch trees, bracken and bramble. They are checking to see whether the goats are an effective biodiversity tool to be rolled out to other county councils.

However, they need some looking after and this is where you come in. They are looking for volunteer goat-herders. They will provide training and provide you with a checklist to see the goats are happy. How do you tell if a goat is happy? Well debbie says “the three goats we have, they’re a breed called golden Guernsey and they’re almost like dogs – so if they’re happy their tails will be up in the air”. See you learn something new every day.

For more details on the project:
Listen to Debbie on Morning Ireland

They also made it to BBC News!

So proud of you, Debs, making the world a better place one goat at a time!