Two Door Cinema Club are back, bigger and better than ever and to celebrate the release of their second album, Beacon, they put on a mini-tour. The album has just gone number one in Ireland and they have announced a gig in the o2 in January so last Friday night in the Academy might have been the last time to see them in an intimate venue.

The Cast of Cheers were the supporting act. They are a band I try hard to like but for me the jury’s still out. As for Two Door Cinema Club, it had been a while since I had listened to their first album Tourist History and you forget how good it actually is. There are some songs that touch you deep down pulling at your emotional heartstrings and others which make you smile, lift your heart and make you want to dance. Two Door Cinema Club fall into the latter category. Both of their albums are jam-packed with poppy, uplifting tunes and sometimes that is exactly what you need. Friday night was a good mix of both old and new tunes and the crowd were clearly loving it. Two Door Cinema Club have done it again with their second album and I for one wish them every success – they will keep us dancing through 2012 and beyond.