Is anyone watching Ireland’s annual lovely girl’s competition aka the Rose of Tralee? I have to say as a youngster it was avid viewing armed with my scoresheet, it must have been where I got my love for reality television. It also heralded the end of summer but enough of that back to the fair ladies. I caught glimpses of it last night in between switching channels. I did happen to catch the Chicago Rose, the rather aptly named Margaret Rose, [she must be the obvious choice surely] singing a traditional ballad ‘The City of Chicago’. She sung of hunger pains and emigration!!! That was my cue to switch channels.

Ah but what would Ireland be without the Rose of Tralee? How would we know the summer had ended? I have to say it is a little outdated and twee and boy two nights of it is as bad as the Eurovision but sure it does no harm. They could liven it up by having a bootcamp and a mastermind section to rule out the weak both physically and mentally. The Daily Edge is doing a great liveblog where they blog along in real time to the Rose of Tralee – very entertaining stuff. You also gotta love how it is tagging on Twitter – #rot.

Also if you are watching why not play their Rose of Tralee Bingo. And may the best lovely girl win – I’ll bet there’ll be tears.