Snowpatrol kicked off their world tour in Dublin last Friday night in the o2 with two sold out nights. I went on the Saturday night and was treated to an excellent show, one of the best I’ve seen in the o2 which can be a hard venue to fill but Snowpatrol had no problem connecting with the audience and their songs were perfect for the venue. We were seated but had a great view from Block B. We arrived in time for the second support band ‘Everything Everything’ which reminded me of Friendly Fire even down to their cowbell! From the off it was clear that Snowpatrol were there to entertain with just the right mix of old songs and new songs. Gary Lightbody was obviously delighted to be there and was quite emotional dedicating songs to his mum and dad. They had family members and friends in the audience. I think the new album was showcased to perfection and the songs fit in well with their set. Of course they played the old favourites like Chasing Cars and Run (Light Up) and Shauna Tohill from Rams Pocket Radio joined him on stage to sing a beautiful version of Set Fire to the Third Bar. The only thing I think that took from the gig was the lighting at the beginning was a bit distracting but this was only for the first few songs. For all the old songs, the audience joined in with gusto and even for some of the new ones. They finished the encore with Just Say Yes and people went home singing. They have moved on to Belfast for another three sold out shows and they certainly deserve the success.