Ah the new year is upon us and of course it makes us nostalgic for what was 2011…..what happened? What did we do? Where did it go? And of course it makes us ponder what will come to be…..what 2012 will hold for us? We are all determined to make it a great year, to make big changes, for 2012 to be our year….when we will grab life and shake it and of course live each day as if it’s our last. But alas life has that way of sucking all those resolutions and life-affirming changes out of us and the daily grind beats us until another year rolls by and we ask…what happened? What did we do? Where did it go? But 2012 will be different! You gotta love our optimism or naivety!

It’s funny cause since starting this blog back in April 2009, it’s easy to keep track and reading back on 2011 and 2010 new years postings and how similiar my resolutions have been and how spectacularly I have failed in keeping any of them makes me realise this year, I’m not going to bother making any! So this year, ce sera sera! Love the idea of Aspirations rather than resolutions.

Musically speaking, the highlights of 2011 for me were Foster the People, both the album ‘Torches’ and their live gig in the Olympia; Florence & the Machine’s new album ‘Ceremonials’; Blue October’s new album ‘Any Man in America’ and their live gigs in the U.K [one day they may make it to Ireland, hopefully] and Adele’s new album ’21’ and not to mention the music festivals, Electric Picnic [my second time around] and Frequency in Austria [fast beginning a regular trip].

And for me, I’m expecting great things in 2012 from:
Clock Opera
After seeing these guys play live, I’m very excited about their debut album, out in April.

Tom Baxter
He has announced a third album is in the pipeline for the summer of 2012, be still my beating heart!

Walk The Moon
After hearing Anna Sun, I’ve been hooked! I felt the same way when I first heard ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ by The National; ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster the People and ‘Becoming a Jackal’ by Villagers.

Little Green Cars
This Irish band is going to be big….featuring in this year’s Other Voices, it will give them the exposure they need. Can’t wait to hear their debut album. For such a young band, their songs are excellent and their live gigs are endearing!

And for some more predictions for the Sound of 2012, check out:
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