Where can you get better entertainment than a hilarious night out with Michael McIntyre for the extraordinary price of 15 euros for a ticket? Well, that was exactly what we got on Friday night in the Academy. It was advertised on Facebook and the first show sold out so quickly they decided to put on another one on the Saturday too.

Michael even had a support act to warm up the crowd – didn’t catch his name but he was funny enough and looked like Screech from Saved by the Bell but a more grown up English version. There is something in that comedians looking like they would be funny without even aving to open their mouth – Michael also has it. That and acute observational humour in bucketfuls. Michael came on looking relaxed with glasses instead of contact lenses shouting ‘Story? What’s the Story?’ and comparing us Irish to spoilt toddlers demanding a narrative. He continued with the Irish observations most hitting the mark but a few of the regular stereotypes. He explained that this show was a taster of the Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow tour which is coming to Dublin in August. He is over to roadtest and gather some material for that gig and judging by Friday night we are in for a treat, it is sure to be a good show.