So I was having a cuppa last night and happened to look into the bottom of the cup after I had finished to see a heart staring back up at me and I wondered is it a sign? Which leads me to the art of reading tea leaves – also known as Tasseography or Tasseomancy or Tassology [why couldn’t they just pick one] which is the divination practice of reading shapes and patterns in tea leaves (sometimes coffee grounds) in order to foretell one’s future. It’s an ancient practice that dates back to the Chinese. And so my heart apparently can be taken to mean love [fairly obviously], pleasure or trust. For other symbols, check out Tarot Canada. We won’t go into the fact that I used a tea bag and not tea leaves and therefore it more than likely was not a sign!

If you want to learn how to do it properly, check out the Mona Lisa Method of Tea Leaf Reading or read more at Suite101: How to Read Tea Leaves: The Divinatory Art of Tasseography.

In other news, this is my 500th posting!!! Can’t believe I’ve had that much to say but then again my little blog is almost a year old.