Penguin Fun Fact no. 4: They live below the Equator!
All penguins live south of the equator, from the icy waters of Antarctica to the tropical Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.

Penguin Fun Fact no. 5: There are 17 species of Penguin.
There are 17 species of Penguin: emperor; king; Adelie; gentoo; chinstrap; rockhopper; macaroni; royal; Fiordland crested; erect-crested; Snares Island; yellow-eyed; fairy (little blue); Magellanic; Humboldt; black-footed; and Galapagos.

Penguin Fun Fact no. 6: Come in all sorts and sizes!
The emperor penguin is the largest penguin, standing 112cm (44 in) tall. The smallest penguin is the fairy penguin, standing just 41 cm (16 in) tall.

Penguin Fun Fact no. 7: From plentiful to rare.
Chinstrap penguins are the most numerous penguin species, with a population estimated at 6.5 million breeding pairs. The vulnerable yellow-eyed penguin population is estimated at less than 7,000.