Future WAG’s
Walking through Penneys in Omni, Santry and two girls (velure tracksuits, high pony tails, the works) are shopping.
Blonde girl: “I’d love dat dress, but me legs will look huge in it.”(bare in mind she was about a size 8)
Brunette: “”all ye need is a birre confidence Amy. You don’t want to be payin for yer own drinks all yer life, do ye?”
Overheard by Jessi, Omni, Santry.

Strict Dress Code!!!
Two lads from Dublin (dressed in snickers gear!) making a delivery to a Dunnes Stores in Cork . The manager stops them at the back door and tells them they cant come inside without a hi-vis vest on.
“No problem” says the older fella, “Can we just borrow two from the store while we drop the stock off?”
“Ah no” says the manager “that’s only one issue. I cant let yis in dressed like that lads, it’s slacks and black shoes only.”
With that the younger fella comes out with a classic: “Jaysus, we’re not trying to get into a f**king nightclub!”
Overheard by Daithi, Dunnes Stores, Cork

Asking for it

The Definition of Irony - our minister for health Mary Harney

The Definition of Irony - our minister for health Mary Harney

Mary Harney election poster in Finglas – political slogan “Don’t throw it away!” …added speech bubble “I’ll eat it!”
Overheard by Ciara, Finglas

Great aunt
Sitting on the Luas a woman in her early 30s comes on screaming down the mobile phone
“I don’t effing care how long you’re with her…you’re only 19 for eff sake and that young wan is what…16? but that’s not even what is really p*ssing me off you’ve made me a great aunt at the ripe old age of 32 ya little B*****d.”
Overheard by Sarah, Jervis stop

Don’t mess with the bus pass holders
On Dublin bus, at bus stop a little old lady gets on to enquire when her next bus will be arriving:
Old lady to driver: “Will the next bus be long?”
Smartass Driver: “About the same length as this one luv”
Old Lady(without a moments hesitiation): “Really? And will it be driven by a little bollicks like you?”
Overheard by Maeve, Dublin bus

How to empty a LUAS
On the Luas coming out of town one afternoon during the week. As we got to Blackhorse the driver made an announcement
“Ladies & Gents there are 2 plain clothes ticket inspectors getting on at this stop so could you please have your tickets at hand for convenience thank you.”
When we pulled up to the stop 2 people did get on and about 50 got off and stood on the platform, clearly waiting on the next Luas.
When we pulled away the driver got back on the intercom, laughing and said
“I was only joking, there’s no such thing as a plain clothes ticket inspector, I just wanted to see how many people got on without paying!!”
Overheard by Lynn , On the Luas

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